Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mount Samsung Galaxy Note to PC or Mac OS X

I have recently switched from an iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Note. This is also my first foray into actually owning an Android phone. I have played around with other Android phones but never actually owned one.

I needed to upload some songs to my new phone just by browsing to it from Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Please note that these steps are for a Samsung Galaxy Note (AT&T) version. It may be different if you have other Android phones. The other option is to use Kies Air that came installed by default but I really want to just use Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

I see many instructions to enable USB debugging then pulling down the notification and click on USB to mount the phone in doing an Internet search.

Settings > Development > USB debugging

This does not work for this phone. It could be I just haven’t figured out how but no matter how I went about it; these steps did not work for me.

Here is what you do instead.

  • Disconnect Samsung Galaxy Note from USB to your computer if connected
  • Go to Settings > Wireless and network > USB utilities

  • Click Connect storage to PC

  • You will see a pop up message – Connect USB cable to use mass storage

  • Now connect the USB cable to the USB port on your computer
  • Click Connect USB storage

The little Android guy (or the ‘big’ Android guy since the display is huge on the Note) will turn from green to orange. That’s it! Windows Explorer or Mac Finder should now show the mounted USB storage.


  1. thanks a ton for that. took me forever just to even find someone who knew what they were talking about. almost bought a new sd card b/c of it. great post and thanks again.

  2. now how do I dig up an update that I lost in my new NOTE?
    I got a message saying battery upgrade ready to install, so I dwnlded it and then was supposed to install and accidentely clicked out and now its not in notifications anymore and its gone. Cant find it!!! DOH! Its supposed to double the longevity of my battery and wat happens, I lose it... damn mac users! hahaah NICE. LUV IT! HELP! THX! WERD! Where can I find updates and upgrades in Galaxy Note? phones 4days old. HAHAH NICE. DOH!

  3. thanks for sharing!!!!!finally i can transfer the files!
    although i wanna use kies to do the file(media) managing, but seems the note connection to mac is not easily recognizable...:(

  4. Glad that you all find it useful. :)

    @beebz, I am not sure what you are talking about loosing an update. If this is an app that you have downloaded from the Google Play store, you should be able to open Play Store, hit the left most touch button on the bottom of the Galaxy Note and select 'My Apps'. This will list all the apps on your Galaxy Note including the ones that has updates available.

  5. hello there, it did not work for me. am using a Mac Book Pro with Lion.

    1. I added some screenshots if it will help.

  6. Did you get any kind of error messages or pop up? I am using a MacBook Pro with Mac OS X Lion and it is working fine.

  7. I added some screenshots if it will help.

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